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The Identicom mobile device

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Safety through innovation

The smart way to protect lone workers through infrequent risk

Identicom mobile is the BS8484 approved lone worker app for your Smartphone. If you employ staff that work alone or face risk on a limited or infrequent basis, this could be the best solution.

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, Connexion2 developed Identicom mobile for use by lone workers with a risk profile that may not warrant a dedicated lone worker device but could benefit from a smartphone based application. 

Identicom mobile, like the Identicom lone worker device, can work in tandem with SoloProtect's Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) - a secure portal allowing colleagues to access relevant information about colleague activities, points of interest or risks to lone workers. This proves to increase transparency between teams of lone workers, and helps an organisation create a consistent and valuable audit trail. For more information on the portal as part of a lone worker management solution, visit here.

Benefits of Identicom mobile

Operates when the Key Lock Function is activated

User friendly and easy to install

BS8484 approved (UK only)

Who uses Identicom mobile?

Anyone carrying a smartphone is a potential user, some employees who may benefit from the app include;

• Mobile Sales Staff
• Transport Drivers
• Logistics and Utilities staff
• Senior Executives

Mobile Workforce Management 

Lone worker safety combined with comprehensive resource management

Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) is a comprehensive management tool for your lone workers and works with both the Identicom lone worker device or the Identicom mobile phone app, MWM could potentially revolutionise how you manage your team.

SoloProtect’s Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) has a variety of functions which can provide information through GPS to help managers locate lone workers when merged with the SoloProtect package.

MWM is an online portal which allows and encourages two-way communication from managers to end-users. It has a number of features which makes the management and reporting of lone workers quicker, easier and more transparent to those at every level across the organisation.

It is designed as a tool for two-way communication, and enables vital information to be exchanged for the safety of staff, and is not simply a mechanism for a manager to see where employees are located.

Used in conjunction with a lone worker Identicom device, MWM can enhance a company’s broader communication structure with a number of benefits.